"Hippy Chick" Tie Dye Soap - Best Seller!

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"Hippy Chick" Tie Dye Soap - Best Seller!
You're the girl in the long, flowing skirt and hair trailing down your back, a free spirit...
Each bar is one of a kind and made to order. Just like tie-dye t-shirts, we never know what each bar will look like until we pop it out of our mold! We think that's far out and groovy!
If you like Lush's "Karma" soap products, you're in for a treat as our Hippy Chick soap is made from a Karma duplicate scent! Patchouli and just a smidgeon of citrus are perfectly combined!
Approximately 4 ounces

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Hippie Chick Soap
Written by Kathleen Boggs on Jun 19th 2018

All of Layla's products are wonderful and make great gifts......I keep a stash on hand!